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Meet in person the unique landscape that offers the lower reaches of the Guadiana. A very special crossing between Spain and Portugal, which gives us the unique opportunity to meet the riverine ecosystem of the Guadiana. By the combination of fresh and salt water shores are lush vegetation with a wide variety of flora and fauna, as the various kinds of birds, heron, stork, spoonbills, etc.

Crucero fluvial Foz de Odeleite
publ. mail (11)TIME OUT
They must be in the port of Ayamonte at 10:10 hours to leave on the ferry from 10:30 VILLA REAL bound where bound embark Odeleite Foz.
The sailing time to Foz de Odeleite is one hour thirty minutes Foz arrival in the village tour and lunch at the restaurant where you can enjoy swimming and traditional Portuguese music.
Destination Sanlucar de Guadiana / Alcoutin
The outputs of river cruises up or Alcautin Sanlucar are roughly around 10:30 and arrival at the port of Ayamonte around 19:00.
For this cruise must check the availability of day, both by individual and groups.
In the Virgin’s miracles boats and Peninsular lunch can be served on board.

In the Uadi-Ana boat lunch in the hotel is Alcoutin.

barco003_fsFor more information and reservations can contact us on Telephone 959 47 06 17.
Output and sales of tickets in Ayamonte Pier (Muelle de Portugal, opposite the old Customs House)

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